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Welcome to Siloam Ministries Midrand

Siloam Ministries Midrand is a place where you can feel at home where you know you will have a family and a support system around you. 

Founded in August 2011, under the Leadership of Dr. Len and Dr. Veni Andrew, profound preachers and leaders, whose vision is to reclaim the City of Midrand through The Father’s Heart.

Connect to God

Lets connect to God, by maturing spiritually, not forsaking the gathering of the saints; study of the word; through fasting & praying, and all meetings executed by the ministry for YOUR spiritual benefit.

Connect to Ministry

When spiritually empowered, you are invited to join our ministry of teams that serve. Now that you are equipped, you are able to serve others through upliftment and care in the journey of life.

Connect to the World

We have been called to respond to the GREAT COMMISSION. We are committed to financially assisting ministries to Refurbish, Renovate and Restore their building and the place of Worship. Our desire is to see the Kingdom operate and display the splendour of His Majesty.

Dr. Len and Dr. Veni Andrew

There are times in life when it seems that you have been through more than you can handle or the pressure is greater than your threshold to bare. It became evident through our experiences in those moments that our Character was built to overcome the obstacles in our path. 

When you face you fears and conquer your challenges, no one will succeed in bringing you down. Good drivers are those who are able to drive through the worst conditions and safely reach their destination by fixing their eyes on the road and not on the problems in the way. Experienced captains are those who are able to maintain focus and steer the ship ahead without allowing the raging storms to take them down. The best pilots are those who don’t mind going through the tough!